How To Help Someone With Gambling Addiction

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There’s no doubt about the fact that online casinos exploit some of the people’s habits in order to make large profits out of them. The way they do this is by luring players with a bonus offer, a shiny ad that promotes wealth, or by using other similar marketing techniques. The statistics suggest that every 20th gambler becomes addicted. In effect, this can lead to huge monetary losses, personal and family issues, and even some illegal activities. If you, your friend, or someone in your family is experiencing gambling addiction, here are some tips on how to offer them a helping hand.

Recognizing A Gambling Addict

Not all gambling addicts have similar personalities so there’s not a single pattern you can follow in order to recognize them. There are two main types of gambling addicts – an action gambler and an escape gambler. The former likes skill-based games like Poker, for example. This person may seem arrogant, overconfident, and almost always bragging about beating the odds. The former can be quiet, even depressed at times, seeing gambling as a way to escape all of the surrounding problems. The signs that indicate gambling addiction can include a person gradually taking bigger risks, talking about gambling, spending a lot of time gambling, etc.


Not many people like getting critiqued, and fewer people are ready to admit that they have an actual problem. Therefore, confronting a gambling addict can be very difficult. In those moments, it’s important for you and other friends or family members to speak to that person in an honest manner rather than in an aggressive or judgemental manner. This way, the addicted can feel like actually receiving support from their closest, rather than being judged by them. Interventions are usually best when they take place in a private environment, like the person’s home or the home of some of their family members.


Intervention can help, but it’s not enough all by itself. In order for a gambling addict to be cured effectively, a certain treatment needs to take place. Luckily, there are a lot of clinics these days that offer help to different types of addicts, from alcoholics and smokers, to drug addicts and even sex addicts. The UK boasts numerous clinics exclusive for gamblers countrywide.

The treatment is usually in the form of psychotherapy and support group meetings. In some cases, even medication like antidepressants and mood stabilizers can be of help. Psychotherapy can help an addict understand their addiction better and the group meetings offer a way for the person to see that there are many other people suffering from the same issue, as well as to hear their experiences and potential success stories. Even family members can receive help from some of these clinics by going to therapy sessions and learning to cope with the stress of having a gambler in their home.